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Welcome to The Interspiritual Traveller, the website of Bishop Craig Bergland. This site isn't for the
faint of heart! We present what we believe is information and perspectives that will help all of us move toward a more mature spirituality. That may sound a little arrogant, so please allow us to explain! Perhaps you find that the tradition in which you were raised is not longer a good fit. Perhaps you weren't raised with any spiritual tradition at all and are trying to find a good fit, but every time you try something you just can't seem to get comfortable. Perhaps you have been turned off to what many call organized religion altogether, but still feel yourself drawn to spiritual practice or something you can't quite identify. The chances are that you are ready for mature spirituality! Here are what we believe are some qualities of a mature spirituality:

  • We believe that the religious tradition in which people are raised is primarily a function of the time, place, and culture into which they are born. While all religions are not the same, they all contain teachings of value - and teachings that would best be left behind.
  • We reject what we call the abusive parent version of God as a relic of an earlier time. We affirm a God who is non-corporeal, beyond gender, an in whom everything exists. Everything and everybody is part of God - which is very different from saying any one of us is God.
  • We affirm a non-dual universe, which is to say that while our minds tend to jump to either/or thinking, reality is much more both/and. For example, a room isn't either light or dark but one of an almost infinite number of steps between complete light and complete darkness. In the same way, the choices we are presented in life are most often not between one of two extremes, but between many options of varying degrees of desirability. In the same way, people are not either totally good or totally bad, but somewhere in between. Most of us like our coffee or tea not boiling hot, nor freezing cold, but somewhere in between. When we try to reduce the world to dualistic choices, it may seem easier to chose and offer us more comfort. The truth is that doing so oversimplifies life and does it, and us, a disservice. What this require is:
  • We hold a tolerance for "not-knowing," or what used to be called "holy mystery," as essential to the mature spiritual path. The spiritual journey is a journey of discovery, not of receiving pat answers from self-proclaimed spiritual authority without examining it for ourselves. 
  • While it is human nature to focus on the things that make us different from one another, we affirm there is much greater value in beginning with the things we share in common. In spiritual circles, we call this the primordial tradition, truths shared by all the great traditions. These are things like love, compassion, generosity, friendship, community, truth, helping the less fortunate, non-violence, peace, and many others.
Of course, this isn't a complete list - but it is enough to give you an idea of what we are about. Our
presence here is intended to offer resources for others who consider themselves interspiritual or spiritually independent. We don't believe you have to be a part of any specific tradition to progress on the spiritual path, though we do feel it's important to be part of a community of similarly inclined people. We also believe we need a place to explore, ask questions, and feel less alone on the journey! That's why we are here!