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Monday, September 28, 2015

Shocking People Awake

I have always found it curious, if not surprising, that across the platforms on which I write my most popular posts are the ones that are the most shocking or at least contain potentially shocking tags. I once wrote a Dr. Seuss style poem about Miley Cyrus that I reprint at the end of this post. I is one of the most visited posts I have ever published, and while I think it is a fine work of humor I also know that isn't why people visit it. 

Anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with me knows I am not a prude. I don't care if people want to see Miley's parts, even as I cannot understand why they want to do so. I write this because the I want to point out that if we want to reach contemporary people with a spiritual message a certain amount of shock is in order. Jesus did it, unless you believe that he really intended people to cut off hands and feet while gouging out eyes. Buddhist teachers have done it with great expertise, as the Zen teacher who said the Buddha was a dried shit stick - a shit stick being the precursor to toilet paper in some Asian countries. Just knowing that may stop you from complaining about the toilet paper in a public restroom! 

So for those of us inclined to follow in their footsteps, the occasional use of frank and shocking language (to some) may be just what is needed to knock down defenses and open a person to the truth of a message. Some may respond that other people will be disgusted by such language. I reply that there are hundreds of thousands of (mostly empty) houses of worship where the language of princes and kings is spoken. They have a place, while the average person does not. Contemporary spiritual teaching requires we use all of the tools at our disposal, including Miley Cyrus' Va-jay-jay.

Miley Cyrus' Va-jay-jay.

I shall not see it in the hall,
I shall not see it if you fall,
I shall not see it in a stall,
Or perched upon a wrecking ball.

I does not interest me in a tree,
It does not interest me for free,
It does not fill me heart with glee,
The prospect makes me want to flee!

I do not want it in a bus,
It does not fill my heart with lust,
Show it elsewhere if you must,
But not to me Miley Cy-rus!

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