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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Annual Anti-Fourth Blog

It's that time again.
It's a season for fools
To lose digits,
Scream patriotic slogans,
Drink too much,
Air our their nationalist crap
Without fear of contradiction,
And diminish our nation
Just a little more.

There's hardly anyone
Left to mistreat,
Save for masochistic WASPs.
Whom don't we hate?
Whom can't we diminish
Just a little more?
The rich rule the day,
And most of the ninety nine
Are too dumb to see it.

Stand for the flag
As it passes by,
It's easier to get bent over
Already on our feet.
No sense of history,
Infantile, genital morality,
Everybody packing heat,
But nobody's brains
Are fully loaded.

Excuse me if I once again
Skip the flag shirt, the parade,
And the social pressure
To drivel on about
This great land of ours
That tortures prisoners,
Builds walls to keep children out,
Degrades women and
Worships at the corporate altar.

Wake me when it's over
When we come to understand
There's nothing patriotic about sheep,
That the biggest patriot
Questions authority and
Challenges power, and so
Calls the powerful to account.
Tearing down assumptions
To expose the asses behind them.

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