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Monday, October 29, 2012

Letting You Be You

One of the most appealing aspects of Buddhist teaching for me is the ability to let you be you while I can still be me. I am so very tired of the endless debates that Christians seem to embroiled in about the beliefs of others. While the case of scripture calisthenics one has to get into in order to justify such behavior is impressive, the outcome is not. There is no way to insist that "I am always right and everyone else is always wrong" without sounding - and in fact being - profoundly arrogant. I cannot imagine that anyone who engages in such an ego fest, should they develop the fortitude to step out from behind the veil of fear that makes certainty necessary long enough to actually listen to themselves, wouldn't realize how absurd they sound. Even more damaging and indefensible is the truth that such beliefs have led to every war ever fought.

I used to believe that debating such fools was productive. I now see that any attempt to do so is a complete waste of energy. Nobody needing to certainty that badly is likely to surrender it. They have all of their assertions and rebuttals extremely well rehearsed - so much so that they are quite incapable of an actual exchange of ideas. What they aren't prepared for is someone who isn't interested in the discussion and is perfectly content to let them believe whatever stupid nonsense they believe. The energy wasted in such discussions is better spent doing almost anything - or even nothing - at all.