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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's see if I have this right. General Electric, which last year made over $14 billion and not only paid no corporate taxes but also received $3.2 billion back from those of us who actually pay taxes, and so President Obama thinks the Chairman of GE would be well suited to sit on a committee on corporate tax reform?

As one who voted for President Obama and believed it was, indeed, time for change in Washington, I am beyond disappointed. Barack Obama is clearly no more than another Washington insider, another corporate ass kisser, another politician intent on doing away with the middle class while pretending to be a friend of the same. How do such choices fit in with the man you were when you were a community organizer, Mr.President? Apparently, re-election with the support of big business is more important than the people who were foolish enough to believe in you.

The next time you decide to screw the American Middle Class, you might have the courtesy to buy us dinner first.

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