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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Welcome to a new blog offering - The Buddhist Christian. This is neither a blog about Buddhism nor a blog about Christianity. This isn't a doctrinal blog, or a sectarian blog, or an evaluation of any particular spiritual path. I seek not to enter into a debate nor to provoke any particular response. This blog is a reflection on more than a decade of practice and exploration of what it means to be a Buddhist Christian.

Prior to picking up and reading a copy of Thich Nhat Hanh's Living Buddha, Living Christ when I was forty years old, about all I knew about Buddhism was that it was an Asian religion. I don't know that I would have recognized a picture of the Dalai Lama. In less that a week I had finished that book and moved onto its sequel. My spiritual journey was forever changed, not because I had discovered a new religion that I would convert to as soon as possible. I had discovered that Buddhism answered for me all the questions that Christianity had been unable to answer. I had mystical experiences of Jesus that would not allow me to cast Jesus aside, but I saw that, as the title of the above mentioned sequel suggested, Jesus and Buddha were, in fact, brothers. I saw that there was nothing about the teachings of the Buddha, who had in fact refused to get caught in the God debate, that contradicted the teachings of Jesus. In fact, I found that spiritual topics such as compassion and love were the great link between the two traditions and were more clearly expressed in Buddhism than in Christianity, where the voices of legalism and sectarianism more often than not drown out the voice of Love and Compassion.

This blog will examine the interspiritual journey through Buddhist Christianity by examining various issues, subjects, and aspects of my personal journey. I am glad you're here!

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  1. Jesus said something like 'I am the way, the light, no one comes to my father but by me'.

    What it meant was that the 'I' (I interpretate it as our True Nature) is where the kingdom of heaven lives, it is already pure and perfect, so are you, me and everyone else. The 'I' does not need another 'authority' to bring you to the 'father' (our true being). Only through my own True Nature can I get there. Jesus spoke for all of us to let us know that how deep down we all have that capacity. And that's the same message that Buddha gave to the world.

    Unfortunately, some people greatly misunderstood his meaning. Instead, they thought only through Jesus can they be saved, that is in total contradiction to what 'Genesis-I' revealed to us that 'we are created from the image of God...therefore we are also perfect.

    See the point? I think we Christians brothers should really open our eyes wide. In this time and age, Buddha's discovery really sheds lights on Christianity. Remember, Jesus lived like a Buddhist monk, and He did say that he had to hold back a lot of teachings because people did not have the capacity to bear. I personally think nowadays, people should be ready and be brave enough to open up to Buddha's teachings and I bet lot of them are what Jesus had to withhold due to the propensity and capability of the people during his time...

    For more detailed explanation on this topic, you can check up on Bhikkhu Amaro's lecture which is available online.